Rastrack is Down

But why?

Rastrack was launched in May of 2012. It was a project to see who's pi arrived first as I was one of the people who ordered on the 29th of Feb 2012 and it was a game of waiting for the first one to arrive. Since then it's been through a redesign and has been kept up with hosting provided by my company.

Since then I've launched products on my site. In 2012, Me and friends raised £500 for the charity when they first started and other tasks such as making robots, promoting it at events and even teaching using them.

Recently I've been working on my latest kickstarter the RTk.GPIO which allows you to use Raspberry Pi add-ons on your computer. For reasons not to replace the pi but work alongside. This seems to have resulted in them no longer speaking to me.

The RTk.GPIO wouldn't be possible without them. I've learned more programming and electronics engineering because of the Raspberry Pi. It's a bit bad for a charity who are promoting this to ignore people if they've been inspired to deisgn electronics that has a chance of competing in a small market.

As of this I feel that this website which is designed to promote them isn't right to keep up. If demand is there then I might bring it back. But for a supporter from the start to not be invited to events that others are, affects me.

So for now. Rastrack: 22/05/2012-27/09/2016